69 Percent of Men Don’t Wash Their Hands After Using the Bathroom?!

Man hand.
Do you really want to shake that hand? Photo: vchal/Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Well, here’s an incredibly not-nice statistic: Apparently, 69 percent of men don’t wash their hands after using a public bathroom.

At least, that’s according to 2009 study cited by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the institute’s online guide to the “corporate activity” of handwashing, a basic hygienic practice that’s receiving quite a bit of attention amid the rapid spread of coronavirus. In comparison, the same study found that 35 percent of women don’t wash their hands after using public bathroom — certainly not great, but not nearly as egregious.

Learning this statistic would be troubling at truly any point in modern times. Men, unfortunately, are everywhere: at your office, at restaurants, on the subway, and even in your homes. Now just think of everything they touch after grasping their urinating dicks, and then, in 69 percent of cases, simply exiting the bathroom: their keyboards, communal fridges, the button on the water machine, and perhaps even — and I’m so sorry — your hands. And we thought we were gross?

But this study is particularly alarming during the age of coronavirus. As public-health experts have stressed over the past few months, as the disease has rapidly spread across the world, regularly washing your hands (the right way) is the most effective way to protect yourself against COVID-19. Right now, in New York, there are 22 confirmed cases, and that number will surely rise. Ladies, watch where you’re putting your hands — a man’s dirty paws could’ve been there.

69% of Men Don’t Wash Their Hands After Using the Bathroom?!