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Add This to the List of Bad Things That Happen at Chuck E. Cheese

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Chuck E. Cheese is “the real cool place to be a kid,” but for adults it is clearly the portal to hell. Enter the ball pit at your own peril; the veil between the worlds is thinnest there. Don’t think too hard about how the chain’s mouse mascot is now voiced by Bowling for Soup front man Jaret Reddick, else you be dragged over the precipice of sanity. And for God’s sake, don’t play any of the arcade games. The skill crane beckons you with its clumsy claw to join it in eternal damnation.

Case in point, a woman is suing CEC Entertainment (a.k.a. Chuck E. Cheese) for $1,000 over claims her hair got stuck inside one of their ticket-counting machines at a location in Oregon. According to NBC News, Ashreana Scott says her hair was caught in the contraption for 20 minutes. A complaint filed by Scott’s lawyer on Monday claims that the incident, which took place in December, resulted in “injuries including pain, discomfort, distress, and headaches.”

The lawsuit goes on to say that Chuck E. Cheese “failed to use reasonable care in the design and layout of its ticket counting machine to ensure that guests like plaintiff would not get their hair caught in the machine,” and “failed to use reasonable care in the training and supervision of its employees to ensure that guests like plaintiff would be promptly freed, should their hair get caught in defendant’s ticket counting machine.”

Chuck E. Cheese reportedly suggested that Scott reach out to the chain’s insurance company; when the insurers refused to compensate Scott, she went ahead and filed her lawsuit. The Oregonian reported that while the manager of the Chuck E. Cheese in question wouldn’t comment directly on the suit, he claimed that the ticket machines have signs on them warning patrons that their hair could get caught. The reporting fails to mention the violent delights that await on the other side of the Chuck E. Cheese ticket-counting machine.

If you or someone who know has ever had something good happen to you at Chuck E. Cheese, please reach out to us for comment.

Add This to the List of Bad Experiences at Chuck E. Cheese