About That Photo of the Two Bachelor Contestants

Alexa Caves and Jasmine Nguyen.
Alexa Caves and Jasmine Nguyen. Photo: __jasminenguyen/Instagram

Earlier this week, Bachelor contestant Jasmine Nguyen posted Instagram photos of herself on what appeared to be an intimate lunch date with fellow Bachelor star Alexa Caves, with the caption: “Spoiler: We did find love after all.” Caves is sexually fluid, and the post quickly went viral, with many responding enthusiastically to the apparent union of two queer women who met on a show dedicated to straight relationships. Well, as it turns out, celebration came premature — the two are not dating.

On Tuesday, the women resorted to their Instagram Stories to clarify the romance rumors sparked by the post:

“We love each other very much, have each others’ back, and I appreciate her in my life, [but] that’s it,” Nguyen said, adding that she “never meant to lead anyone onto anything.” Caves, on her own Story, was more explicit: “I see now I’m getting a lot of questions and the story seems to be getting bigger,” she started off, before claiming that she also never meant to “mislead” anyone. “Jay and I are not dating. She’s one of my best friends. I’m sorry to get your hopes up! That would be a great story.” Nguyen also changed her original caption on the Instagram post to “Happy birthday Noodle!!!”

Some fans consequently accused the women of queerbaiting, or falsely implying a queer relationship, often to appeal to queer audiences. In a series of defensive posts to her Instagram Story, Caves included a definition of queerbaiting, and asserted that Nguyen’s post didn’t count, because “you can’t queerbait without intention.”

But were the women truly unaware of the message that “Spoiler: We did find love after all” sent? Debatable.

About That Photo of the Two Bachelor Contestants