The Look Book Goes to Movement Class

We spoke to sweaty dancers in Soho after their two-hour session with instructor Julia Crockett.

Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Above: Zoë Oliver, 22, Student, Crown Heights.

You’re so flexible.
I’m double-jointed in my shoulders and can put both my legs behind my head. That’s why I love coming to Movement class — because I can do things with my body that are almost grotesque, but it’s good.

How’d you find the class?
Julia was my teacher at NYU. It can be really emotional. Once, I came in and I was in a horrible mood. I’d just had this missed connection on the subway — this handsome guy tried to start a flirty conversation with me, and I panicked and ran away, totally sabotaging myself. We were stretching, and Julia mouthed to me, “Are you okay?” I started crying and cried for two hours while I moved. Everyone was kind of emotional that day, laughing and weepy. I’ve been in art school since I was 7, so I can’t really imagine a world where I’m not able to cry in class.

Alex Mahgoub, 35, Real-Estate Broker, Boerum Hill. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Sofía Figueroa, 23, Actor, Park Slope. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Nora Deligter, 27, Writer, Clinton Hill. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Have you been to other dance classes?
Yes, and this is not like them. Sometimes it goes toward improv. There will be random call-and-repeats, like “The dog is over here!,” and everyone will be like, “The dog is over here!,” and then start barking.

Candace Maxwell, 29, Actor and Dancer, Upper West Side. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Martinique Watson, 28, Actor, Ridgewood. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Dana Zoe Drori, 31, Actor and Model, Carroll Gardens. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Gabriella Marraro, 24, Software Engineer, Park Slope. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Heather Craig, 32, Actor, Prospect Heights. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Nice ribbon.
I own three ribbons. Pink is for when I’m feeling more playful and girlie, blue is for a happy mood, and green means serene. Today is a serene day.

William Paulonis, 44, Social Worker, Sunset Park. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Abi Lieff, 26, Producer, Williamsburg. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Julia Crockett, 33, Movement Co-Founder, Ridgewood. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Philippe Garcesto, 34, Actor and Bartender, Jersey City Heights. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

What was your last acting job?
I was a soldier recently in a World War II period-piece situation. I manifested that character here in Movement — put my energy in my chest, imagined myself as someone who is a bit naïve but ready to go. It’s funny, though; generally I’m typecast as a techie nerd.

Briana Packen O’Melveny, 35, Movement Co-Founder, Inwood Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Cynthia Navarro, 38, Actor and Dancer, Upper West Side. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Logan Ricket, 31, Actor and Server, Bushwick. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Shani Bekt, 27, Actor and Dancer, Prospect–Lefferts Gardens. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

How often do you audition?
A few times a week. This is the exact opposite of what an audition room is like. In class today, there was so much babbling, screaming, noises you never hear adults make. The last time I’d heard those noises was when I used to babysit.

Kalie Nattinger, 28, Bartender and Student, Bed-Stuy. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Jessie McLaughlin, 21, Student, Bed-Stuy. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

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The Look Book Goes to a Movement Class