Is Billy Porter Starting a Fashion Line?

Billy Porter. Photo: Images for RRR Creative

If anyone has the résumé to start their own fashion collection, it’s Billy Porter. The Pose star is one of our great red-carpet dressers, recall: the time he wore the Kinky Boots curtain as a ballgown; his golden Icarus wings at the 2019 Met Gala; his menagerie of designer capes.

And today, Porter hinted that he might share his famous fashion sensibility with the masses by starting his own collection. The actor told People that he’s “working on figuring out what a fashion line would look like,” adding that he’s not sure if it would focus on clothing or accessories. “I’m not sure, but it’s on my brain,” he said.

Porter would join the likes of Rihanna, Victoria Bekcham, and the Olsen twins in moving from entertainment into the fashion space, but he’d be an extraordinary addition. The actor, who is 50 now, has a long history of defying gender norms and making political statements with his clothing; he refers to fashion as “one of the highest forms of art,” telling the Guardian in 2019 “If I can be a walking piece of art when I show up, preferably political art, I love it.” It’s a philosophy that he’s brought to the red carpet time and time again, and one that has the potential to shake up the fashion world.

It’s unclear if or when a Billy Porter collection will come, but when it does, don’t be surprised when we’re all wearing feathered capes instead of puffer jackets next winter.

Is Billy Porter Starting a Fashion Line?