Michelle Williams Got Married in Secret (Again)

Thomas Kail and Michelle Williams.
Thomas Kail and Michelle Williams. Photo: Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock

Well, it appears that Michelle Williams has done it again: get secretly married to a man whose name we didn’t immediately recognize but who seems like a kind, attentive partner.

Late last week, Williams and her theater fiancé, Thomas Kail, were spotted walking around New York City with what looked suspiciously like wedding bands on their ring fingers, sparking speculation that the couple had wed. Today, Us Weekly confirmed the rumors: According to a source, Williams and Kail definitely tied the knot. However, as of now, we know nothing about the location, or when exactly the ceremony took place, or if they called any friends via Zoom to celebrate the occasion in a social-distancing-compliant fashion.

The secrecy isn’t all that surprising. In fact, for Williams, it seems to be par for the course. When she announced that she was engaged to Kail late last December and that the couple was expecting their first child together, most of us were caught by surprise: She and Kail had somehow managed to elude the paparazzi, largely keeping their relationship under wraps. (They reportedly met in November 2018 while working on Fosse/Verdon, in which Williams starred and which Kail directed.) The engagement-baby announcement also came less than year after Williams and her ex-husband, Phil Elverum, of the band Mount Erie, split a year after their wedding, which was also a secret ceremony. Oh, and did we mention that that engagement was also a surprise? Apologies for the whiplash.

Michelle Williams Got Married in Secret (Again)