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The Big Baby Knows How to Live

When was the last time you felt this happy? Photo: @kat.027/TikTok

By now, I suspect you have seen the Big Baby. I suspect that if you did not run headlong into his oversize infant form on Twitter, a friend hell-bent on throwing a wrench into your 4/20 plans texted you the TikTok: Here is Big Baby, freshly powdered and swaddled in a diaper, thumping up and down on a man’s butt with a cheeky and insouciant grin. Big Baby looks as though he lives in the body of an adult, compacted down to miniature. Big Baby is a sight to behold.

Big Baby’s surprising size, coupled with a toothy smirk that heavily suggests chaos coming down the pipe, has polarized public opinion. Some people fear the things they do not understand, like how a baby came to be so big. (His mother has offered an explanation, though not an entirely satisfying one: Big Baby is not a baby but a “healthy 3-year-old” named Gav, which is plausible but still doesn’t account for the fact that he can lift a truck.)

Personally, in Big Baby I see a lifestyle icon. He cannot help that he defies all metrics for how big babies are supposed to be. He is but a strapping young lad, who gets his kicks from trapping fully grown men between his sturdy thighs. And what is wrong with that? Would you not do the same to those who might stand in your way, given the opportunity?

Big Baby is simply having a nice time — it’s written all over his large face. Ask yourself and answer honestly: When was the last time you felt such unbridled joy, such pure and mischievous delight, as Big Baby appears to be feeling in this video? I mean, look at him.

Just look at him.

Photo: @kat.027/TikTok

Good for Big Baby. Big Baby is really living.

The Big Baby Knows How to Live