This Poor Woman Had to Put Makeup on Brad Pitt’s Butt

Brad Pitt and Jean Ann Black. Photo: HGTV

Behind every successful man is a strong woman color-correcting his butt. Today, we learned that one such man is Brad Pitt, and one such woman is his longtime makeup artist and “secret weapon,” Jean Ann Black.

On the season premiere of Celebrity IOU, the spinoff show where the Property Brothers help famous people pay back the nonfamous people in their lives, Pitt will be helping turn Black’s “400-square-foot unit into a showstopping guest suite, makeup station and storage area.” In addition to seeing Pitt smile while building things, the New York Post reports that in the episode the actor reveals more about his close relationship with the elusive makeup artist, including that during the filming of 1994’s Legends of the Fall, she had to delicately dab his butt with makeup to even out a tan line.

“When it comes up, we can’t really look each other in the eye,” Pitt adds, leaving one to wonder just how often “Brad Pitt butt makeup” comes up (probably not as often as it should). According to the Post, Pitt says other endearing things like, “She’s been that person I value so much in my life,” and, “She’s family, we’re like brother and sister,” a statement that sounds truly genuine considering how often one has to see siblings’ butts in one’s youth.

Pitt’s episode airs on Monday, April 13 on HGTV, and is titled “Brad Pitt’s Gifting a Backyard Pad.” Honestly, it seems like the least he could do considering Black has spent nearly 30 years making all of his sides look their most beautiful.

This Poor Woman Had to Put Makeup on Brad Pitt’s Butt