Please Be Very Careful With Your Exercise Candles

Learn from Britney’s experience. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Listen, I know that when you are in the gym, you like to set the mood. I know you like to amp up the ambiance with the addition of a few open flames, and believe me, as a person who often has five to 10 candles going at once, I get it. Coziness is king. But please, be very careful with your exercise candles, lest they set your whole gym ablaze. Take it from Britney Spears, who announced Wednesday — in the most casual possible terms — that she “unfortunately” burned down her gym “like six months” ago, after lighting just two candles. No one was hurt in the fire, but nonetheless: constant vigilance, comrades!

Introducing a workout video on Instagram, Britney (fastest person on Earth?) informed viewers that she was back in her home gym, which she hasn’t been able to use for a while. Why? Because, she explained, “I had two candles, and one thing led to another, and … yeah, I burned it down.” Her caption provided a few more details, noting that she “walked past the door to the gym” and saw flames. The fire alarm went off and, per Britney, “yippy hoorah nobody got hurt.” The accident left her with only two exercise machines, but ultimately she is “grateful,” because “it could be much worse” and she “like[s] working out better outside anyways.”

All of which is to say, the pop star seems largely unbothered at this point, and has managed to cultivate remarkable chill about the whole situation. We are so glad she came out unscathed, and on that note: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but please, make sure to extinguish your gym candles — and your bathroom candles, and your cooking candles, and your vibey bedroom candles — before bed tonight, perhaps as part of your turn-down service. This has been a PSA.

Britney Spears Says She Burned Down Her Home Gym