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Enjoy This Powerfully Erotic Video of Stanley Tucci

Photo: @stanleytucci/Instagram

There’s something about preparing some really basic drink for the object of one’s affections that’s irresistibly sexy. I appreciate a task done well, and if it’s easy in the first place, that helps ensure it will be carried off confidently, with a certain flair. Stanley Tucci teaching us all how to make a Negroni is the perfect avatar for this sort of behavior because he takes full control of the situation while wearing a shirt that is honestly pretty tight.

In the video, which was posted to Instagram on Monday, Tucci tells his wife, Felicity Blunt, who’s filming, that he prefers his Negroni shaken and with gin rather than vodka. I enjoy that he doesn’t shy away from talking about his dirty cocktail glasses and oranges that come from Florida presliced. These are the sort of quirky details that make a drinks tutorial intimate. I almost forget how much I hate Negronis.

As you can see, I’m enthusiastic about this video and also about Stanley Tucci … but maybe not to the extent that Chris Evans is. The actor chimed in on Twitter to say that Tucci used to make martinis for the cast in his trailer when they worked together on Captain America. So clearly, it’s a move of his, and it’s working. “However cool, fun, witty, and charming you think he is,” Evans gushed, “double it and you’re halfway there.”

I think I know what Evans is feeling. It’s the same thing I feel when a man remembers to put the giant ice cube in the tumbler before pouring whiskey over it to avoid any light splashing. Absurdly, obviously under his spell.

Enjoy This Powerfully Erotic Video of Stanley Tucci