If This Doesn’t Make You Join TikTok, Nothing Will

Photo: Harry Langdon/Getty Images/1984 Harry Langdon

If being trapped in your home hasn’t yet pushed you to download TikTok — the social-media app dominated by Gen Z — there’s finally a good reason for you to check it out. Jane Fonda is now on it, and she’s using it to resurrect her famous ’80s home workouts, leotards and all:

Fonda joined the platform Thursday evening (as @JaneFonda) to share fitness routines while in this period of what she refers to as “sequestration.” She opens the video lying on a yoga mat wearing a red leotard and black flared yoga pants (no leg warmers, unfortunately). “My name is Jane Fonda and I’m going to bring back the Jane Fonda workout,” she says, launching into a round of calisthenics and counting viewers through a few leg lifts. She’ll be holding the full workouts at 2 p.m. ET.

The TikTok then cuts to Fonda making a plea for viewers to join her for virtual “Fire Drill Fridays,” the series of climate protests Fonda has been holding in Washington, D.C., this past year. Previous Fire Drill Fridays have brought Fonda’s celebrity friends — Sally Field, Joaquin Phoenix, and Manny Jacinto among them — to protest alongside her, and Fonda herself was arrested five separate times. In a recent conversation with Interview about her tips for sheltering in place, the 82-year-old actress told the magazine that she still exercises everyday. “How do you make time when you’re on set? Or when you’re getting arrested?” the interviewer jokes, to which Fonda responded: “You can do wall squats in prison.”

If This Doesn’t Make You Join TikTok, Nothing Will