This Ferry Is Whipping Ass

London's Woolwich Ferry.
London’s Woolwich Ferry. Photo: ABC/Twitter

While Londoners opened their windows and walked onto their balconies to cheer for the National Health Service workers on the frontlines of the the coronavirus pandemic, one mighty British ferry joined in the commendation by absolutely whipping ass.

Last night, at promptly 8 p.m., London’s Woolwich Ferry executed perfect donuts on the River Thames — and impressively fast ones, for a boat that size. She also tooted her horn, which reverberated to the river’s shores, where people participated in their fourth consecutive Clap For Carers and filmed the ferry’s beautiful twirls. Watch her go in all her glory.

I’m curious to know how health-care workers feel about the donuts: Appreciated? Supported? Perhaps concerned for those aboard who may have experienced whiplash? Meanwhile, there’s no doubt in my mind that the ferry’s helmsman was having the time of his life as he threw caution to the wind and cranked the wheel.

This Ferry Is Whipping Ass