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This Is the Softest Sweatsuit I Own

Photo: Courtesy of Lou & Grey

If we’re all going to be home for a while, we might as well get comfortable. Indoor clothes were a thing way before the coronavirus pandemic, and there are a bazillion great options out there now, from classic Champion sweats to cult-favorites like Entireworld to über-luxe versions that could cost a month’s rent. We tried on a bunch of them this winter (a simpler time), but personally, the one I can’t seem to change out of is by a brand called Lou & Grey. It’s the softest one I own.

I like this sweatsuit because it feels expensive, like a really nice French butter, but looks completely normal. I probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out of a lineup the way I would brightly colored ones from Entireworld (which I also own and love), but that means I can wear it every single day and no one will notice. I can also throw it in the dryer, which I can’t with my Entireworld one, and I generally don’t feel precious about it, which is how I want to feel in a sweatsuit.

Really, though, it’s insanely soft. I find myself saying “Seriously, touch this” to everyone I encounter (so … just my roommate, who wants one now too.) The brand also sent me a shorts version, so that I truly never have to take it off, even when it gets warmer out. Try it for yourself below.

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This Is the Softest Sweatsuit I Own