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Let This Be the Final Word on the ‘When I Was 20’ Challenge

Thank you for your contribution, Nigella. Photo: @Nigella_Lawson/Twitter

I have spent the past couple of weeks slowly whittling down my Twitter time to what I hope will eventually be zero minutes per day, but still, I have become aware of the newest trend on the social-media platform: everyone posting photos of themselves at age 20, just because. People are out there, digging through their archives and dredging up memories of simpler times, when they were younger and maybe, arguably, by some metrics, hotter. We get it! You were a snack! I’m sure you still are, don’t worry! But none of that matters, because culinary personality Nigella Lawson has already won the game. Submissions are now closed. Thank you for playing.

Nigella entered into the “when I was 20” challenge on Thursday, breezily firing the below pic into the universe. By her own admission, she was not 20 when it was taken; she was 23, but of course, precise age is not actually the point of this bit. The point is providing the world photographic evidence of your historic sexiness. And I think you will agree, the point has been made. There is no room for rebuttal here.

It is a power move to drop such an image of yourself — what kind of devil’s pact does a person make with the wind so that it does this to their hair, rather than making it dance like a bunch of angry snakes? How does she get her skin so good? — so casually. It is also a bit of a brag, but then, that’s what this little trend was all about, before Nigella shut it down. And for that, I must say: thank you, Nigella, for this gift.

Let This Be the Final Word on the ‘When I Was 20’ Challenge