Hell Yeah, Basketball Nuns

Photo: @AleAvilaV/Twitter

Last week, we brought you, “Ah, to Be a Gorgeous French Beach Cow.” This week, may I suggest you settle into the serene rhythms of these Spanish basketball nuns, playing the most therapeutic pickup game the world has ever seen?

Behold the sisters in their habits as they happily pass the ball, bouncing it on the atrium tiles of their 13th-century convent in Seville. According to the man who took a video of the nuns and posted it on Twitter, the sisters typically make a special kind of nugget candy, which they have been crafting in the convent for four centuries, but they have now started sewing masks due to the coronavirus pandemic. So we can imagine that casually balling gives them a much-needed break from their mask-making, a chance to break a sweat and practice their dribbling.

Hear their delightful whooping, watch them glide across the court. Never has there been a sporting arena with so many potted plants on it, nor with such a gorgeous bubbling fountain, nor with players ensconced in such giant, flowing skirts.

Before I saw this video I was sitting on my couch debating whether I should sit up, or whether I should simply sink lower into my fetid collapse instead. But now I may take a walk outside and breathe the fresh air, and pretend I’m about to shoot some hoops with my sister friends. Great job, and hell yeah, Spanish Basketball Nuns. Go, nuns, go.

Hell Yeah, Basketball Nuns