Millennial Aesthetic Comes for the Moon

It’s a pink moon, yes a pink moon. Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images/Artur Widak/NurPhoto

What are you doing tonight? Nothing? Cool, same here — unless you count watching the moon, which, after twenty-something days in isolation, I am actually prepared to do. This evening’s moon promises to be a real barn-burner: not only is it a supermoon, it’s also a pink moon (very chic). The millennial aesthetic truly knows no limits.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the moon on April 7 will be “the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year,” if not technically pink, a confusing twist in the narrative. Apparently, April’s full moon gained this name because it historically coincided with the blossoming of a particular type of wildflower native to the North American east: Phlox subulata, a.k.a. moss phlox, a.k.a. creeping phlox, a.k.a. moss pink. Might it have been fun to have a Super Creep Moon on the horizon? I think so, but then this full moon occurs in Libra, an aesthetically oriented sign that loves beauty, so pink moon it is.

Anyway, tonight’s moon will appear very swole, as supermoons — whether new or full — happen when our rock satellite orbits the closest it can to Earth. This moment occurred at 2:08 p.m. EST today, but the moon will still look extra large and extra shiny when the sun goes down and everything gets dark, unsettlingly quiet, and spooky. A welcome change of lunar scenery for sure.

If you would like to gaze upon this glorious moon, and I assume that you would, then just peer out your window at 10:35 pm EST (that’s peak pink moon, per CNN) and she’ll be up there, hanging out, possibly gossiping about you with her tiny little friend. Here’s your playlist, if you wanted to make a whole thing of it.

Millennial Aesthetic Comes for the Moon