TV Reporter Models Classic Work-From-Home Look

Will Reeve on GMA. Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Picture this: You’re having a dream where you’re a TV reporter and you show up to do your job, reporting the news on TV. You do a whole segment about how, due to the coronavirus pandemic, pharmacies may soon have to rely on drones to get prescriptions to people safely. You do a great job. Your report has good footage and relevant quotes. But then, you get to the end of the segment and realize that — oh my God — you’re not wearing pants!!! And this isn’t even a dream, it’s real life, and you’re on camera!

That very scary scenario I just laid out is exactly what happened to ABC correspondent Will Reeve Tuesday morning on Good Morning America. Like many, Reeve, the son of the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, has been working from home. At first, the outfit he wore for his pharmacy drone report looked pretty standard: a gray blazer and blue button-down shirt. It wasn’t until the end of the segment, when the chyron disappeared and viewers were treated to a glimpse of bare upper-thigh that people started asking themselves, “Hey, is this guy wearing pants?”

The answer was: sort of! “Those are shorts I promise” he tweeted in response to one Twitter user’s admonishment.

Reeve was good humored about the gaffe. In a tongue-in-cheek Notes app statement on Twitter, he wrote that he had gotten ready for a post-GMA workout “a little too soon.”

“Any sartorial tips from these people who are wearing a belt, trousers and shoes during their work video calls at home are most welcome.”

All in all, an understandable slip-up. Perhaps it’s time for Reeve to start experimenting with the ultimate WFH fit: the monochrome sweatsuit.

TV Reporter Models Classic Work-From-Home Outfit