A Baby Foot Shortage Is Nigh

Baby Foot. Photo: Dermstore

First it was toilet paper, then bidets. Hair dye and yeast followed soon after. Now it appears pandemic-related panic buying has come for beloved crust-shedding foot peel Baby Foot.

Long before the stay-at-home orders, back when time existed, the period between winter’s end and spring’s middle was historically known as Baby Foot season — the ideal time to get neglected feet nice and smooth for sandal season. But with more time spent socially isolated, far from judging eyes, it appears more people are celebrating Baby Foot season than ever before, and rightly so. Now is arguably the best time to let your feet openly shed layers of their former, leathery selves for a week straight, whether you plan to ever wear shoes again or not.

The shift is evidenced in visits to retail sites that carry the peel, such as Amazon, Target, and Ulta, where the search for Baby Foot is now futile. You will be met with a bright red “out of stock” or “currently unavailable” message, which, on Amazon, is followed by an even more distressing supposition: “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

Those with feet still encased in hard skin cocoons yearning to be reborn with the texture of a baby’s appendages have a few options, though: Resign yourself to wearing socks indefinitely, consider a Baby Foot alternative with a less catchy name, or head over to Dermstore or Baby Foot’s website and calmly drop a reasonable number of Baby Feet into your cart … while you can.

A Baby Foot Shortage Is Nigh