10 Hot Pics of Bread

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Bread is the lifeblood of our moment. After decades of avoiding “empty carbs” and eating that terrible seeded stuff, Americans are again embracing the beautiful simplicity of dense, carb-y breads made with only a few ingredients. These gorgeous golden loaves are like the weighted blankets of food: heavy, warm, and comforting. Eat them with butter or jam, or grab a handful of the middle and roll it into a little doughball and pop that into your mouth.

The making and eating of bread are among the favored pastimes of those who have been sheltering in place for the past couple of months. The sourdough cult has probably expanded the most rapidly; its latest initiate is a housebound Jake Gyllenhaal, who shared his starter on late-night TV this week. I’m more inclined to eat bread than to bake it, but for those of you who are interested in that, might I point you to Cut writer Madeleine Aggeler’s simple bread recipe, which consists of: “flour, yeast, and some lite BDSM.”

And for those of you who are simply here to prostrate yourself at the altar of bread, you’re in luck. I give you ten hot pics of bread:

A slice of heaven. Photo: Kevin van der Leek Photography/Getty Images
All shapes and sizes. Photo: GraphicaArtis/Getty Images
Open me up. Photo: Getty Images/EyeEm
Dinner at my place. Photo: De Agostini via Getty Images
“The Milkmaid (and her spread of sexy bread).” Vermeer, 17th century. Photo: Corbis via Getty Images
Yes. Photo: Getty Images
Imagine the crunch on these babies. Photo: Conde Nast via Getty Images
The staff of life. Photo: De Agostini via Getty Images
Beautiful fruit bread. Photo: The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images
I got the whole world in my hands. Photo: Getty Images
10 Hot Pics of Bread