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Outdoor Shoes

Step into Dries Van Noten’s garden.

Photo: Graydon Herriott
Photo: Graydon Herriott

If you’re not someone who needs to leave the house every day, then there isn’t much use for shoes anymore. At least, not the kind of footwear designed for parties, the office, or anywhere that someone might admire your shoe choice, like these colorful Dries Van Noten platform boots. It’s hard to imagine wearing them on the couch (don’t let that stop you!), but in the meantime, at least they’re a solid stand-in for an indoor floral arrangement.

Covered in embroidered flowers, these shoes really put the outdoor in outdoor shoes. Dries Van Noten himself is an avid gardener. (If you haven’t watched the Dries documentary yet in quarantine, you should.) His collections are often inspired by what blooms in his backyard in Antwerp, no matter the season. Last fall, for example, he photographed the roses, delphinium, dahlias, and Japanese maple leaves he’d grown and used the images as prints. Like April shows, Dries Van Noten florals are something you can always count on.

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Step Into Dries Van Noten’s Garden