ALERT: Enya Is Posting

Enya. Photo: enyatv/Youtube

The season of online meltdowns compounded by quarantine fatigue continues apace, but it might be a blessing for us all, at least in this repesting: Enya is posting.

Yes, @official_enya is “popping off,” as one Cut editor put it, which, for anyone who was already following her, means that she is posting a few times a month. Before that, Enya’s social media accounts were tantalizingly dormant, laying fallow for months at a time. Indeed, she hadn’t posted since December, but in March she began tweeting and Instagramming in what we can imagine for Enya is earnestness.

“Which Enya song are you listening to today?” she asked us on March 20. Good question. I’m listening to “May It Be,” Enya. “Experience ‘Only Time’ in 4k for the very first time,” she said intriguingly on April 24. I don’t know what 4k is, but of course, Enya. “You can only pick one album. Which is it?” she demanded on April 28. WATERMARK, ENYA!!!!

Do we know for sure that it is Enya herself logging on from her Irish castle, out of boredom, surrounded by her cats? Of course not. She is famously reclusive. But her posting is a sign that even our most dutifully offline global citizens are straining in self-isolation for human contact. Enya, notoriously described as “not exactly a barrel of laughs,” who hates going to nightclubs, could very well post a TikTok video within the year, that is just how uncertain these times are.

For now, may I suggest watching the video for “The Celts” she recently posted, in which she is led into the forest by a child before getting in a boat, where she waits for her sexy horseman.

ALERT: Enya Is Posting