The Hottest Thing a Man Can Do

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Hello men, I read today that some of you are not wearing masks, because you are afraid that you might look “weak” and “not cool.” This is according to a recent study, which surveyed 2,500 people in the United States and found that men are less likely to wear face coverings than women, over concerns about feeling weak, uncool, and ashamed. Researchers also found that many more men than women felt they were unlikely to be impacted by the coronavirus.

This is unfortunate news for many reasons, including the fact that men actually look superhot wearing masks. Consider: Tom Hardy, who probably knows that men are more than twice as likely to die of COVID-19 than women. He looks hot, safe, and smart while wearing a face mask to buy big leeks:

Or, perhaps, Timothée Chalamet, who knows that even if he’s a young, healthy man, he could be one of the estimated 25 to 50 percent of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, which means that even if he doesn’t feel sick, he could be highly contagious to other, more vulnerable people. He looks as handsome as ever in his face mask:

As for men who don’t wear masks, well, it’s just not hot. So wear a mask! Look sexy and safe.

The Hottest Thing a Man Can Do