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Who Is Behind This Mysterious Haircut?

Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock

While walking his dog recently, Ben Affleck was spotted looking a little lighter. His tread was airy. His mood appeared buoyant as he strolled with his love in isolation, Ana de Armas. And his head looked free of several ounces of hair, thanks to a mysterious new haircut.

Ben’s newly shorn hair looks pretty good! Not quite a buzz cut, it’s more of a nice shave. The sides and back aren’t crooked. There aren’t any missing patches. The overall perimeter of the haircut is even, not jagged.

But since hair salons remain closed under California’s current COVID-19 restrictions (they fall under Stage Three, in the state’s alleged four-stage reopening plan), who can we credit for this new do?

The obvious answer is Armas. Maybe she has sweet fade skills. It could also be Affleck himself, or possibly someone else — he is a celebrity, after all. The truth is, we’ll never know. But whoever it is, he might consider consulting their talents again as he follows the course of other famous people and muddles over whether he should go pink.

Photo: Shutterstock/Broadimage/Shutterstock
Who Is Behind This Mysterious Haircut?