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Looks Like the Celebs Are Ready for Reopening

Go forth and bleach. Photo: Courtesy of Kerastase, @kyliejenner/Instagram

Nothing says I need some semblance of control during the uncertainty of quarantine like dyeing your own hair a semi-permanent shade of pink. And nothing says Socially-distanced salons are reopening and I am going to be photographed in the wild again like having someone else permanently bleach your hair platinum blonde.

For the past three months, hairstylists have pleaded with the public to stay away from hardcore, shade-lifting bleach unsupervised. But now that states are heading into reopening phases that allow people to reunite with their hairstylists and venture to public establishments other than one’s home, what better way to celebrate than chemically lightening your hair to an especially eye-catching, blinding shade? Three high-profile reopening makeovers have already debuted this week.

Forever brunette EmRata emerged extremely blonde with the help of hair-care brand Kérastase, for whom she is an ambassador. Thankfully, the brand already has Blond Absolu, its hair-care range exclusively for blondes, which they noted Ratajkowski will be using going forward. Drastically altering one’s appearance can be risky in the world of modeling but never fear — Kérastase just announced Ratajkowski has landed the gig as the new face of the Blond Absolu campaign debuting January 2021. Congrats!

Elsewhere, noted hair chameleon Kylie Jenner emerged Draco blonde down to the roots. She posted not one, but two, nearly identical photos to her Instagram feed because she loves the looks so much. Is it bleach? Is it a wig? Either way, she paired her new hair with a bra (those things we used to wear in public and whatnot), which further underlines that this is a reopening look through and through.

Meanwhile, model Kaia Gerber has been planning her reopening look for some time. She eschewed the pink trend during quarantine and gave herself at-home highlights back in April, using hydrogen peroxide, a blowdryer, and the recklessness only a teen can wield. Earlier this week she was spotted in Malibu with considerably brighter hair — a shade in an all-over blonde that Barbie, arguably one of the city’s most famed residents, would approve of. Who’s next?!

Looks Like the Celebs Are Ready for Reopening