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Cardi B Is My Favorite Natural-Hair Vlogger

Cardi B Photo: GC Images

Some famous people just have a knack for beauty influencing, and Cardi B is one of them. Her content runs the gamut. She combs her wigs with dinglehoppers and matches them to Lamborghinis. She gets candid about hair growth and whips up DIY hair masks wearing nails longer than the length of the average thumb.

Just last month, she debuted the recipe for All That Shit I Put on My Hair Earlier (her first DIY hair mask) on Instagram Stories, and it was full of things you probably already own, like avocado, honey, banana, and olive oil. Now she’s back with a helpful two-part regimen that hydrates hair and helps “keep that shit growing.” The recipe for Keep That Shit Growing is just as accessible. You’ll need:

- An avocado, scooped
- Two eggs, cracked with a single hand
- A heaping scoop of mayonnaise (hers is infused with avocado oil)
- Absolutely NO ranch (“this ain’t a salad lol”)
- Some black castor oil (or whatever oil works best on your hair)
- Rice water that’s been soaking for 24 hours, preferably under sunlight
- “Need It,” by Migos, playing in the background

Turn up the Migos while you blend the first five ingredients. Then quite literally “slap that shit on your head.” Let the mask “marinate like chicken” under a plastic bag as long as you can, just make sure you don’t use the bag “the meats was in.” Rinse, shampoo, condition, and detangle. Next, spritz your hair with the rice water, a treatment natural-hair vloggers recommend to strengthen, soften, and encourage growth. To dry, Cardi recommends setting your hair in rollers and sitting under a hooded dryer. Although she finds this part “annoying as fuck,” it prevents putting too much direct heat on fragile wet hair. Finally, for a smooth finish, she blow-dries her hair straight.

Honestly, slapping mayo and eggs on your head has never looked so fun. Beauty-brand copyright watch is at an all-time high over here.

Cardi B Is My Favorite Natural-Hair Vlogger