Teens Are Disguising As Mask-Wearing Grandmas to Buy Beer

Remember the good old days of underage drinking? Cozy up to the one guy with the believable fake ID, or ask your friend’s weird older brother to pick up a $10 handle of 100-proof vodka from the grocery? Well, as we know, the teens are much more resourceful now, so it may come as no surprise to find out that some of them are apparently taking advantage of the current mask-wearing paradigm to don full disguises in order to buy alcohol.

In a TikTok trend first reported by the New York Post, it seems that some teenagers have been running an elaborate booze-buying scheme that involves using face makeup and costumes to impersonate senior citizens. One (now private) video shows a young woman in sunglasses, a face mask, and a headscarf — with her dark hair and brows lightly powdered in gray — walking into a wine shop and out again with a few bottles of wine. She then twerks, merrily, on the side of the road with her loot. Another video, which has been viewed over 400,000 times, shows a young woman apply full prosthetic wrinkles and a few baggy sweaters, enter a 7-Eleven, and leave with a bag of hard ciders. In a third, the teen forgoes makeup altogether, making off with a bottle of Smirnoff with just a face mask, headscarf, and pair of thick spectacles — though she did make a commendable effort of hunching over and walking slowly, leaning on a friend who was posing as her granddaughter for support.

In an age where TikTok-ing has become an art form, and no prank is too elaborate, we can’t be sure if these videos are genuine or not. That said, since the Post first reported on the trend, some of the videos have been taken down, perhaps because (if they are authentic) the teens responsible could be in some hot water. In any case, all of those who did partake in the prank were wearing protective face coverings, which is more than we can say for a lot of adults out there.

Teens Are Disguising As Mask-Wearing Grandmas to Buy Booze