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Ariana Grande Made Another Perfume

Ariana Grande. Photo: Getty Images

Do you like the idea of smelling like outer space in theory, but feel reluctant to perfume yourself with the odors of “hot metal” and “seared steak” (which is what astronauts report that it actually smells like)? If so, Grammy award-winner and successful perfume purveyor Ariana Grande has a sweeter galactic option for you.

Yesterday, Grande dropped her sixth fragrance, R.E.M. (like her Sweetner single “R.E.M.” not the band R.E.M.). The crystal-encased fragrance is described as “an intergalactic dream of femininity and power.” Each spritz has notes of fig, salted caramel, marshmallow, lavender, tonka bean, and pear blossom that “explodes like a supernova in the night sky” — all ingredients for a starry dessert that should balance out space’s hefty serving of gunpowder, steak, and rum fumes.

If the packaging takes you back to simpler times, it should. While teasing the fragrance on Instagram earlier this month, Grande wrote, “In my dreams … I’m always the version of myself I was in break free tbh.” In the “Break Free” music video, from 2014, she wears thigh high boots to defeat evil forces in space and gets down with intergalactic beings while Zedd deejays in the background. A dream, indeed.

No word on if R.E.M. (the fragrance) will get its own music video like last year’s thank u, next (the fragrance) did, but you can purchase it now at before it hits physical stores later this month. Judging by the campaign imagery, it seems like a good way to feel somewhat closer to the moon, who is actively thank u, next-ing us by inching farther and farther away.

Ariana Grande Made Another Perfume