One Husband to Rule Them All

All the other husbands are dismissed. Photo: Getty Images

As we have said on these pages before, there’s no real reason to get a husband if he isn’t Jason Momoa. There is no real reason to get a husband if he can’t throw a trident, teach the children how to hurl a tomahawk, or select a beautiful hair accessory and use it to tie back his curls before diving under the hood of your vintage convertible, which he plans to restore to its former glory. That is one way Jason Momoa, husband king, spent his quarantine. While the other husbands out there were experimenting with beans or bread-making or whatever it is husbands like to do, Jason Momoa engineered a fun surprise for his wife, Lisa Bonet: He refurbished her beloved first car, a baby-blue 1965 Mustang that she bought at age 17.

“I know we can’t relive a memory,” he explained of his motive in a video documenting the process. “But maybe we can rebuild one.”

Admittedly, Jason Momoa did not restore the Mustang himself; avoiding any husbandly hubris, he entrusted the job to professionals. Personally, I think that was wise: According to the vid, this model is “one of three” out there. Jason Momoa is not going to screw up his spouse’s sweet ride in a tiresome attempt to show off. Jason Momoa knows his limits.

Granted, never having had a husband myself, perhaps I am not qualified to decide what makes a good one, the best one, one husband to rule them all. And I’m sure there are some really great husbands out there who aren’t Jason Momoa. But I think it’s pretty clear that Lisa Bonet has cornered the market here.

All the other husbands are dismissed.

One Husband to Rule Them All