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Michelle Obama’s Message Could Not Have Been Clearer

Photo: CNN

Even if you didn’t watch her full speech on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama’s most urgent message was clear. In fact, it delicately dangled from her neck: vote!

The gold necklace is a custom piece from ByChari, an independent Black-owned business founded by Jamaica-born and Los Angeles–based Chari Cuthbert. She created the “Vote” necklace back in 2016, and was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw Obama wearing it during her convention speech. The hoops are hers, too. Cuthbert told the Daily Beast that the brand, which is run by five female employees, had already seen “a significant uptick in sales” just an hour after the speech.

Having served a two-term tenure as first lady, Obama understands the power of fashion. Whether she’s wearing those Balenciaga boots or supporting Black designers like Christopher John Rogers, her fashion choices usually draw buzzy media attention and sometimes sell out within hours. While on her very stylish tour for Becoming, she expressed how mindful she is about her fashion choices, choosing often to elevate young Black female designers. “There are a lot of people out here trying to make it — young people, women, black folks, and immigrants,” she said.

Obama’s call to vote didn’t end with her necklace. “We’ve got to show up with the same level of passion and hope for Joe Biden,” she urged. “We’ve got to vote early, in person if we can. We’ve got to request our mail-in ballots right now, tonight, and send them back immediately and follow-up to make sure they’re received. And then, make sure our friends and families do the same.”

Now is a great time to double-check that you’re registered to vote in November, and if you’re so inclined, buy Obama’s “Vote” necklace below.

Michelle Obama’s Message Could Not Have Been Clearer