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Just Celebrate Your Winter Birthday Now

Photo: Luxx Images/Getty Images

This weekend, I will celebrate a friend’s birthday a few weeks earlier than planned. Originally, he was going to have a party in mid-October, on his actual day of birth, but he loves to cook and get people together, and since we can’t do that inside anymore, he figured he might as well host a barbecue in the park while it’s still warm. Personally, I thought this was a great idea; why don’t we just celebrate all winter birthdays early this year?

Of course, I say this somewhat selfishly. As a spring baby who celebrated her birthday over Zoom, I would love any reason to revel in the miracle of life right now — and to put on my picnic pants. I’d even like to buy you, if you are a winter baby reading this, a moderately priced gift that you probably don’t need, but that I think you do. I’ll even bake you a cake. And sing! Doesn’t this sound fun for you?

Seriously, though, I don’t know why anyone would turn down the opportunity to celebrate their birthday early. (And have it not be annoying for once.) This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it later, too. Your birthday is one day, yes. But what is time, really? I think that the duration of holidays can be stretched and reconfigured to suit your needs right now, and the needs of others (me). Especially if it means we can celebrate in person.

So, instead of wallowing in winter dread, let’s buy a whole bunch of Funfetti mix and bang out as many birthdays as we can this fall. Outside. At a safe distance. Immediately. Please, consider this idea my gift to you.

Just Celebrate Your Winter Birthday Now