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Let Tilda Swinton Guide Your Pajama Journey

One of us. Photo: Gigi Iorio /

Certainly, at this point, you do not need anyone to validate your decision to dispense with all “hard pants,” a purge I’m assuming you undertook months ago. Nor do you need anyone to tell you it’s perfectly fine to end the day in the same softsuit you started it in, because morning, afternoon, and night have melted into a temporal swamp, and who better than your large and trusty sleeping shirt to carry you through in comfort. This is all fine and regular behavior, but if anyone on Zoom gives you flak for failing to change out of your pajamas before work, please feel free to point them in the direction of Tilda Swinton.

Swinton is attending the Venice Film Festival this week, as her job requires, and was spotted walking around the city in a chic sleepy-time look: a bright-green belted silk pajama shirt and piped-hem satin trousers from French designer Haider Ackermann. If your shoulders just crimped up around your ears at the mere mention of a trouser and all its implied tailoring, please know that this pair boasts an elasticized waistband, because this is not Tilda’s first pajama-dressing rodeo, and yes, she does appear to have capped off her loungefit with an extremely cozy-looking slipper.

Of course, the distinction between sleepwear and streetwear — between daywear and nightwear — is manmade and totally arbitrary, and it has always been acceptable to wear your nightgown to the restaurant. (See also: Rihanna.) But pajamas? In a pandemic? Truly, what else is there?

Let Tilda Swinton Guide Your Pajama Journey