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The Fly Made Us Feel Alive

Mike Pence.
The guest appearance. Photo: ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images

In comparison to the disorderly spectacle that was the first presidential debate, the vice-presidential was relatively tame. As expected, Kamala Harris spoke eloquently and emphatically when asked to discuss Trump’s negligent and reckless response to the pandemic and Joe Biden’s tax plan, among other topics. On the other side of the inadequately sized plexiglass barriers sat Vice-President Mike Pence, who spent the debate dodging moderator Susan Page’s questions entirely, repeatedly interrupting Harris, and cynically posturing himself as a man who cares deeply about every American.

By the time the clock struck approximately 10:16 p.m. — a mere 14 minutes away from the debate’s conclusion — things were feeling pretty lethargic. That is, a little black object that suddenly appeared atop Pence’s Lego-helmet hair, perplexing viewers across the country. Is something wrong with my television screen? some wondered. Personally, I thought that a piece of ceiling debris had conveniently landed on Pence’s head, which I found gratifying. And then, seemingly simultaneously, we identified the puzzling mark:

But what made this guest appearance so stunning is that said fly did not immediately take flight upon realizing its landing pad was living and emitting a stream of monotonous sounds. Rather, this resolute little bug dug its toes into Pence’s helmet and hung out for a remarkably long two minutes, almost as if it were atop a bountiful feeding ground, like a deer carcass, or maybe even warm pile of garbage. (Naturally, Biden’s campaign has already seized onto this viral moment and is selling a “Truth Over Flies Fly Swatter.”)

What will Mother have to say about this!

The Fly Made Us Feel Alive