Who Knows How Many ‘Fake Brad Pitts’ May Be Out There

Authentic or imposter? Photo: Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic/Getty Images

There is only one true Brad Pitt. You will know him by the gravelly charm of his timbre, the cheeky insouciance of his smirk, and the quiet sluttiness of his single bang. Also, he sometimes wears a name tag. Meanwhile, you may recognize imitation Brad Pitts when they hit you up for money and marriage via the internet. This is an important distinction to make, if “Page Six” is to be believed.

A Texas woman named Kelli Christina may already have encountered one such Pitt, although she believes him to have been the original issue. Christina filed a lawsuit saying the Oscar winner scammed her out of roughly $40,000 by skipping out on the events she organized for his Make It Right Foundation. In 2018, according to “Page Six,” Christina — a health-care executive — was approached by someone she believed to be Pitt, with whom she “entered into a business agreement with specific terms and conditions.” Namely, that she would plan these charitable occasions and then Brad Pitt would attend them, only he failed to show up five times. Someone claiming to be Pitt still collected his speaking fee, though, always promising that “next time” he would 100 percent be there.

Now, perhaps you are wondering how the same situation managed to unfold five times without rousing Christina’s suspicions. A valid question, but apparently these two had “discussions of marriage,” so maybe it’s simply that love sometimes blinds us to unsavory truths. Attorneys for the real Brad Pitt — who, it bears noting, technically remains married, and has lots of money — have now filed their own motion unilaterally denying Christina’s claims. Christina, they countered, appears to have been catfished by “one or more individuals unlawfully posing” as Pitt.

“By [Christina’s] own admissions, the communications she now alleges to have had with Mr. Pitt … were actually between Plaintiff and one or more individuals posing as, in Plaintiff’s words, ‘fake Brad Pitts’ and not in any way affiliated with the Make It Right Foundation,” they contend.

Christina maintains that she has “113 pages of organized discovery” to support her story, explaining: “This lawsuit is important for the country so I will continue to fight Brad Pitt.”

Unfortunately, though, litigation can take years, and who knows how many fake Brad Pitts might be running amok out there. Learn to identify the real thing with our handy field guide, and constant vigilance, comrades.

Who Knows How Many ‘Fake Brad Pitts’ May Be Out There