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These green Bottega Veneta boots will brighten any rainy day.

Photo: Devin Blaskovich
Photo: Devin Blaskovich

The only good thing about a rainy day is being able to pull out of your closet the coats and accessories you bought specifically for the occasion. And if you’re someone who owns these colorful “puddle boots” by Bottega Veneta, then you might pray for thunderstorms 365 days a year.

Made of biodegradable material, these rubber boots come in five delectable shades that no puddle stands a chance against: kiwi green (pictured above), chocolate fondant brown, rubber-band nude, lollipop pink, and, of course, black. Their smooth, curvy shape and feel has the same sort of irresistible, gummy-bear-like charm as a Croc shoe, with the added lust of luxury.

These Bottega Boots Will Brighten Any Rainy Day