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Here’s What Rihanna Wants You to Wear to Bed

Rihanna. Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock

How does Rihanna, noted night owl, regularly wake up looking not one bit “busted” after only clocking three or four hours of sleep a night? Concealer helps, but her secret to beauty sleep is a potent night cream, and soon, we’ll be able to slather it on our own sleep-deprived faces.

Yesterday, Rihanna officially introduced the world to Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream, the fourth product joining the Fenty Skin family. “She’s not heavy but she thicc. She’s not a fruit but she juicy. She’s got the scoop but she not a gossip,” another Instagram post waxed poetic. She is also powered by hydrating kalahari melon oil and baobab, hyaluronic acid, tone-correcting niacinamide, and antioxidant-packed cactus flower, green tea, and aloe. She smells of “a subtle clean, fresh scent inspired by lush tropical fruits and flowers,” and Rihanna promises she’ll help you “wake up fresh, nourished, and glowing.”

She also comes in refillable, mess-free, Polly Pocket-inspired packaging that Rihanna specifically designed to be easy to handle with the longest of nails. The lid pops opens on one side to function as a handle to twist the jar open and close, and underneath the popped-up portion lives a cute little scooper with its own little compartment for clean and convenient scooping.

While Fenty Skin’s inaugural products were released over the summer, Rihanna says she specifically took her time with this one — but you won’t have to wait much longer. Instant Reset launches next week on October 20, exclusively on for $40 ($36 for the refill), which is good timing; your skin will need that extra moisture now that it’s kind of cold outside.

Here’s What Rihanna Wants You to Wear to Bed