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Emily in Paris Made Us Hate Sex, Drugs, Paris, and Instagram


Kerensa Cadenas, senior editor: Who here has been watching Emily in Paris?

Allison P. Davis, features writer: That damn show. That damn show! Did I watch it in a day? Yes. But I was fueled by hate. How’d they make MDMA and hot sex look so lame? I never wanna do drugs or have sex again.

Kathleen Hou, beauty director: The clothes were … so bad. But maybe that was the point?

Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, senior writer: I love the clothes. I love that they wear heels everywhere, including on cobblestones. I love her eyelet blouse, and that she wears it for jogging. I love that she wore an Eiffel Tower blouse on her first day of work. So ugly, so earnest! Personally, I am charmed by this dumbass show.

Daise Bedolla, social-media editor: Okay, but why was every single guy charmed by Emily? All of them!

KH: Why is anyone charmed by Emily? I was like, Wow, Americans are annoying.

KC: Emily needed to be gayer IMO.

APD: Agreed. They really teed it up! Like Chekhov’s hookup. Come on, Darren.

KC: Darren is a baby boomer. Maybe that’s why.

APD: Oh, yes, this was doused in eau de okboomer.

Melissa Dahl, executive editor: I love her stupid Instagram posts. I now refuse to put any thought into any of my own Instagram posts ever again.

APD: She lowered the bar. Thank you, Emily.

SSK: The satisfied smirk she gives after posting a pic with a really bad caption.

DB: Yes, it reminds me so much of myself in 2014, reblogging photos of the Eiffel Tower on my semi-famous Tumblr and calling myself a Francophile.

Bridget Read, staff writer: She hurt a pizzeria’s feelings. That’s the one thing I know about Emily in Paris.

Callie Beusman, news editor: The only thing I know about Emily in Paris is the screenshot I saw on Twitter, of her in Paris, saying, “It looks just like Ratatouille.”

I refuse to learn anything more. You can’t improve upon that.

Emily in Paris Made Us Hate Sex, Drugs, Paris, and Instagram