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I Guess I Need a Bridal Mask?

Photo: B Anu Designs

We’re not really going out, but who’s to say we shouldn’t have a going out mask? Something to impress at the stoop hangout, or spice up a trip to the testing site? As the Cut noted back in April, a face mask can say a lot about a person. I’ve certainly seen plenty of quirky, colorful masks, some clearly DIY and others designer (I even saw a guy with a MAGA mask, which, sure). These days, masks are a form of self-expression, and since we’re going to be wearing them for a while, why not upgrade our collections?

My personal favorites are the Uniqlo Airism masks and a pale-pink satin one my friend calls my “face panties.” But it came to my attention this morning that another way to upgrade my mask wardrobe would be to purchase a bridal mask:

This morning, the New York Times ran a spread on elaborate bridal face coverings. They’re beautiful! Indian bridalwear designer B Anu Designs embroiders theirs with bold patterns in gold thread and pearls, while others, like Andrea & Leo, favor lace and fine beading. Many of the masks are bespoke to match the bride and groom’s outfits, and all of them are made for safety (with two or more layers of fabric).

The designers in the Times story noted that brides and grooms are buying the masks for themselves and also receiving them as gifts. A friend of mine is getting married in December and is providing bespoke face masks for the wedding party with her and husband’s initials, as well as the wedding date. A thoughtful — and useful — wedding favor.

There’s a range of costs, of course: Some bridalwear masks hover around the $300 range, while others are more affordable, around $20. But unlike a wedding gown, people probably won’t be able to tell you’re wearing a wedding mask. You just get to be pretty and safe, which is really the ideal 2020 aesthetic. So even if you’re not getting married, buy one anyway! Who the hell cares.

I Guess I Need a Bridal Mask?