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This Is the Best-Smelling Hand Sanitizer

Photo: Sephora

Hand sanitizer is the hottest stocking stuffer for 2020. I will pause here so we can laugh sadly together as the continuing reality of 2020 continues to sink in. As we press on, we can try to look at the positives. Your annoying relatives are much easier to ignore when they’re muted on Zoom. What’s a bra? And now there’s the hand sanitizer that fits in your pocket, costs less than $15, and smells like that tropical vacation you will one day — I promise — be able to take.

Most hand sanitizers smell like straight up tequila and that is fine. Great even, as CDC guidelines recommend hand sanitizers contain at least 60 percent alcohol. Sol de Janeiro does it a little better. Its hand sanitizer has 80 percent alcohol and contains glycerin, so it won’t dry out your hands. It comes in an easy-to-use spray. And it smells just like the brand’s signature, best-selling lotion — like a rich caramel dessert with brown butter and a touch of nuttiness being made table-side. Shawn Mendes once called the fragrance one of his favorite things in the world.

I’m upset, too, that we even need to talk about finding the best hand sanitizer. But not everything needs to be devoid of joy.

This Is the Best-Smelling Hand Sanitizer