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This Cleanser Will Make Your Skin Soft Like Bunnies

Photo: Sephora

Someone told me long ago that foaming cleansers dry out your skin, and it stuck. Because I’m inclined to listen to rules, I haven’t used one since. It’s been six years of washing my face with “grown-up” oil cleansers and balms, which cleanse my skin but have no bubbles.

But sometimes I want bubbles, damn it! I want to look like one of those girls in face-washing ads who gleefully hurl water at their cheeks without soaking their tank tops. The problem is that I also want soft skin, and Tatcha’s new Soft Cream Cleanser lets me have both. It’s a cleanser, with a very rich cream consistency, that comes in a tube. Squeeze out the tiniest amount (like half a pinky nail) and add water to get a fluffy emulsion with lather as soft as a pony’s nose. It’s not a prodigious volume of bubbles, but a fine froth, like champagne effervescence, that spreads easily all over your face. When you rinse it off, it leaves behind super-soft skin that feels plump and juicy, rather than tight or pulled. Tatcha formulated the cleanser to be pH balanced, and it contains hyaluronic acid, moisturizing algae, and a skin-nourishing amino acid base.

Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by Big Cleanser, but I associate bubbles with a good clean. Wearing a mask every day makes my skin feel trapped in a shield of bacteria, so getting a really good clean at the end of the day feels extra important. I know others must agree, because the cleanser already has close to 1,000 five-star reviews on Sephora.

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This Cleanser Will Make Your Skin Soft Like Bunnies