Oh My God, Is He Melting?

Rudy Giuliani.
Rudy Giuliani. Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Days after pushing the Trump campaign’s baseless allegations of election fraud in federal court, Rudy Giuliani decided to hold a press conference to once again tout claims that President-elect Joe Biden had “stolen” the election. The conference was, somehow, more bizarre than anyone could’ve anticipated: Not only did Giuliani take the voter-fraud allegations even further, claiming that they were part of a “centralized” scheme, but he also reenacted a scene from My Cousin Vinny (it’s one of hisfavorite law movies”) and made an odd remark about getting beat up at a Philadelphia Eagles game.

But at some point after the My Cousin Vinny portion of the erratic performance, attention shifted away from Giuliani’s mouth and over toward his ears, and then down the sides of his face, where thin brown lines were slowly growing vertically. While we can’t say definitively what unfolded before our eyes, the most common interpretation is that Giuliani had begun sweating so profusely, his sweat was carrying his temporary hair dye down both sides of his face. Whatever it was, the image was rich: A man who has been melting down for quite some time was quite literally melting.

“This is real, it is not made up,” Giuliani said as the brown lines approached what would eventually become their final length. “There’s nobody here that engages in fantasies.”

Yet again, another visual metaphor of the state of the Trump campaign, provided to us by none other than Trump’s personal lawyer.

Oh My God, Is He Melting?