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How to Get Ambience As a Neurotic Person

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The minute I light a candle is also the minute I start worrying about when to blow it out. I know I’m supposed to live “in the moment,” but how am I supposed to be chill when I have a living flame in my apartment that could engulf my home at any moment and wind up on the news?

Will I remember to blow it out before I leave my apartment? If I don’t, can I call the super to blow it out for me? If that doesn’t work, what are the chances that the candle’s flame will catch onto a stack of coffee-table books, causing it to spread? (Not improbable, it turns out.) Will my neighbors be okay? Do I have renters insurance? Should I blow it out now, just in case? Should I just never have lit a candle in the first place?

That seems like a lot to go through for ambience. Turns out it’s much easier to just get a diffuser. I like this one from Saje that has a sleek ceramic look and fits right in next to your robot manservant of choice. This set comes with the brand’s Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend, which is a zesty, sense-tingling mix of bergamot, lime, and grapefruit, plus a small vial of peppermint oil. It’s easy to use: Just unscrew the diffuser top, fill the middle canister with water, add in a few drops of the plant-based essential-oil blends, rescrew, and plug it in. In seconds, a fine, fragrant mist starts to pump out.

While it’s whisper-quiet, the diffuser is pretty powerful. When I plugged it in on a drizzly afternoon, my mom and I were shocked at how quickly our living room was enveloped with the scent and its aromatherapy benefits. We felt buzzy and more awake. The mist lasted for about two hours, and the brand says it can go up to six hours and fill up to 400 square feet. Blessedly, it also has an automatic shutoff, so you can leave home and forget about it. Admittedly, filling up a diffuser may not feel as “cool” as lighting up a Drake-scented candle, but, then again, neither is calling 911.

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How to Get Ambience As a Neurotic Person