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45 Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

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Little gifts might be, well, little, but they can have a big impact. Consider stocking stuffers — a great catch-all category for small, relatively inexpensive gifts that that tick the “this made me think of you” box. They’re a bit random, sometimes cute, sometimes practical, and they’ll make the life of the receiver just a bit better or more delightful in the days to come.

So while we’ve rounded up the best books to give, best employee presents, and just straight-up excellent gifts for everyone in your life, here’s a list of small, funny, practical, and delightful gifts for anyone left on your annual list.

For the Natural Wine Connoisseur

These wavy, reusable bags roll up small enough to pack into a stocking — which means they fit perfectly in pockets for a walk to the local wine shop, too.

For the Obsessive Online Shopper

Ripping boxes open with scissors and keys is a great way to cut yourself. This keychain slides open to reveal a short, sturdy steel knife that’s perfect for all kinds of slicing tasks, without all the weird unnecessary extras of a multitool — and stows safely away when they’re done.

For the Cozy Knitwear Enthusiast

An analog sweater shaver is a must for anyone trying to keep their knits free of pills, pet hair, and lint. This wood-handled version looks nice and is slim enough to slide in a pocket or a purse for touch-ups on the go — the soft scraping motion is also kind of addictive.

For the Dutiful Dishwasher

Home cooks have been working those burners like never before this year — and where there’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are loads of dishes. Reward the dishwasher in your life with this elegant, ergonomic brush designed to give their hands a break.

For Your Friend Who Can’t Find Their Glasses

This ingenious cast brass perch makes a perfect resting spot for easily accessible, scratch-free specs.

For Your Roomie Who Keeps Borrowing Your Flatiron

This colorful, ’70s-inspired mini styler would fit perfectly into stocking — and does double duty as a straightener and a curler.

For the Friend Who Loved Euphoria

Danessa Myricks make arguably the best, most highly pigmented and longest-lasting eyeshadows out there, especially when it comes to vibrant liquid textures that won’t smudge. Her newest Twin Shadow product delivers insanely opaque iridescence worthy of any Euphoria beauty look.

For a Hard-to-Read Sister-in-Law

At-home manis are the norm these days and this dreamy lil set of J. Hannah’s luxe lacquers come in a modern — but crowd-pleasing — array of warm neutrals that even that family member you can’t quite crack is sure to love.

For the Reformed PSL Fanatic

There are lots of ways to get a hit of crisp seasonal flavor without having to succumb to public scrutiny (though for the record, you do you!). This blend of aromatic black tea, spices, and dried apple is a more sophisticated way to scratch the cozy beverage craving.

For the One Who Is Always Cold

Stockings should be filled with simple things that make them smile like perfectly fuzzy pair of socks. These have a loop texture that has cloud-like fluffiness.

For Your Bro with the Chronically Chapped Lips

This extra-sleek tube by Kosas is infused with hyaluronic acid and 50 mg of CBD designed to soothe irritation.

For the Skin-Care Fanatic Who Has Everything

These ingenious eye masks can be layered to turn any cream or serum into an eye mask without creating any waste. When you’re done with them, you just rinse, dry, store, and repeat.

For Outdoorsy Caffeine Fiends

Made to pack flat for road trips and backpacking excursions, it’ll brew the perfect cup of coffee even in the middle of the wilderness.

For the Fire-Escape Gardener

There’s something inherently hopeful about gifting seeds in the dead of winter, especially these jewel-like micro tomatoes. Plus, Baker Creek ships their seeds in charmingly old-school, heavily illustrated craft paper packages that are so pretty, they don’t need to be wrapped.

For the Roomie You’re Closer To Than Ever

If you’ve managed to survive quarantine with a roommate and still like them enough to want to buy them a present, you’re bonded for life. These fun glow-in-the-dark playing cards are a good distraction, especially paired with a cocktail.

For the At Home Esthetician

These colorful hydrocolloid stickers curb the urge to pop zits and are the ideal gift for skin pickers of any age. Plus, the cute case is refillable.

For Your Absent Minded S.O.

The greatest gift of all is never having to wait for your partner to dig frantically around for their glasses/headphones/keys on the way out the door. This waterproof Tile sticks onto practically any objects and connects remotely to their phone, so they can leave the couch cushions where they lie.

For Your Stressed Out Friend

Journaling is low-pressure creative outlet and one way to cope with the craziness this year. This one has a series of writing prompts based around the phases of the moon.

For the No-Quitter Knitter

If they’ve stuck with knitting long enough to learn how to make things people want to wear, they deserve the ne plus ultra of yarn. Spun from a well-loved flock of Icelandic sheep in upstate New York, Saipua’s supersoft, ethically produced wool comes in several natural hues.

For the Person Who Loves a Hot Beverage

Soothing sips are the name of the game with Golde’s powdered drink blends, delivered here in three antioxidant varieties that deliver glow-boosting nutrients in easily transportable, single-serving sachets.

For Your Picky, Stylish Friend

Block-printed on a soft combo of cotton and rayon, these vibrant bandanas have an endless array of uses from hair wraps to neck kerchiefs to belts.

For Your Sister Who Finally Embraced Her Brows

Less commitment than microblading, lamination has been taking over as the go-to brow treatment of the moment. It’s a temporary perm that’s surprisingly easy to do at home and makes for easier grooming and some extra oomph. This kit comes with enough for a few applications — plus instructions for trying out a lash lift, too.

For Your Niece or Nephew

The post office was put to the test in more ways than one this year — but emerged as the true pandemic and vote-by-mail heroes we needed. Give the little ones in your life a toy mail van that’ll last through snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night … or at least a few years.

For the Nostalgic Gamer

While this isn’t a PS5 or Nintendo Switch, playing video games is having a moment. This miniature take on the old-school arcade classic Asteroids even has a tiny joystick for the full experience.

For the Doom Scroller

We’ve never been more dependent on our phones — which means they’ve never been more streaked with fingerprints and whatever else. This easily pocketable spray cleaner makes getting a sparkling screen the matter of moments.

For the Comfort Eater

Designed in Japan and modeled after ramen spoons, these ingenious enameled numbers feel great in the hand, are practically indestructible, and do a phenomenal job ladling up everything from soups to mashed potatoes to even cereal.

For the Person Who Loves Spicy Foods

Developed in Chengdu by chef Jing Gao, you’ll want to put this savory, tongue-numbing condiment on everything from dumplings to noodles to veggies.

For The Sweets Lover

Originally launched on Sixth Avenue in 1881, Louis Sherry doesn’t just make deliciously smooth chocolate truffles (though the chocolate is really very good). It’s their collectible enamel tins that set them apart — opening one on Christmas morning feels like being caught up in The Bishop’s Wife for a moment or two.

For the Puzzle Lover

Piecework Disco Queen Puzzle

None of us are going to a bar anytime, soon but this puzzle reminds us that, someday, we’ll be disco queens again.

For the Crafty Kid

Make a play against the slime industrial complex and introduce the tween in your life to the joys of DIY pom-poms. This brilliant little plastic device makes it even easier to wind and slice their way to pom-adorned shoelaces, backpacks, necklaces, and jewelry.

For the Anxious Sleeper (a.k.a. Anyone)

Cannabis culture has never been more necessary for the stressed and sleepless — this tincture by Xula is designed to help them wind down. The non-psychotropic “Lights Out” blend is formulated from high-quality CBD and herbs like lemon verbena to help them relax and rest easy — a holiday gift that might actually be priceless.

For the Playful Gadget Lover

This kit turns any well-made paper airplane into a flying machine, with a range of 180 feet and a Bluetooth-compatible interface you can control remotely from your phone.

For the Friend Who Left New York

For the Indoor Gardener with Everything

Super-stretchy and knit in colorful stripes, these planter cozies can dress up even the most boring, bought-it-at-the-bodega pot in seconds. They’re the ultimate gift for the friends in your life who won’t blink twice at putting a sweater on their pots.

For the All-Weather Runner

Hydration is key even in winter and this compact, ergonomically designed bottle is designed to sit easily in their hand. It also offers a little slot for their goo packs, because you also need proper nutrition for long runs.

For the Home Hairdresser

Have a loved one who’s mastering the art of at-home cuts this year? Level up their styling game with this minimal pair of scissors. Added bonus: They look good on the vanity and can be sharpened when they dull.

For the Person Who Hates Having Hair in Their Face

A festive scrunchie with beaded trim is exactly the kind of small delight stockings were designed for.

Your TikTok Obsessed Niece or Nephew

Introducing the gel pen that took TikTok by storm this year. Lauded for its extra-smooth glide, this pedestrian pen became the unlikely obsession of thousands of users over on office-supply TikTok (yes, that’s a thing). Also applies to the crossword enthusiasts in your life.

For the Merch Lover

Small biz–supporting merch continues to be one of the best ways to help keep your local institutions afloat. No New Yorker in the know would be sad to find this beanie that’s a tribute to West Village mecca Casa Magazines tucked into their stocking this year.

For the “No Gifts Please” Person

Any kind of charitable gift actually makes a great stocking stuffer — write out a short note explaining where you sent funds in their name. The Free BlackWomen’s Library is a perfect pick for New Yorkers. Founded in 2015 by OlaRonke Akinmowo, it’s a mobile library accessible to all also that hosts readings, workshops, author talks and so much more.

For the Multiple-Pierced

Flat-back earrings are surprisingly hard to find, but they should be everywhere—they snag less and are extremely comfortable for sleeping in. Introduce this tiny, life-improving pearl innovation to your friend who never leaves home without an ear party goin’ on.

For the Absent-Minded

Make it harder for to them lose track of their AirPods with this colorful case that features a classic bodega bag-inspired design.

For the Stylish Sipper

This gorgeous bronze bottle opener looks exactly like an oyster half-shell, but it does a brilliant job of popping open everything from an IPA to an ice-cold Coke.

For the One Getting Candles from Everyone

Scented candles’ grip on the gifting market isn’t going anywhere anytime soon — lean into it without doing what’s expected and slide this delightful brass candle snuffer into your loved one’s stocking. It’s a timeless tool worthy of that fancy Diptyque candle.

The One Holding it Together With Lists

Some of the best felt-tip pens in the game, these Uchido Le Pens are a crowd-pleasing gift for pretty much anyone in your life — and if you have a big family, you could even break the pack up and spread the colorful love around.

45 Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List