More of This, Please

On Thursday, Vogue magazine revealed its January cover — the first in a series of four — starring Frances McDormand, and, well, it’s pretty great.

In a photograph shot by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Jorden Bickham, McDormand stands tall in front of a clear, blue, golden-hour sky. Where? We don’t know. She could be on Mars or in the California desert. Her face, which bears no makeup, is half-covered in shadow. She wears a luxurious blazer and hoodie by the fashion label Fear of God, and looks simultaneously stoic and approachable, not unlike the monoliths. You want to know more about her, to peel back the layers. You also want her outfit.

Compared to last year’s four Vogue “Values” covers, which were bright and glamorous, this cover feels like a significant pivot for the magazine — like it might actually value something new and different. It’s down-to-earth and raw, which will likely resonate with readers at home. There’s a real attitude to it — one that’s grown-up and aspirational in a way we’re not used to seeing. Most importantly: It’s stylish!!! Not just fashionable. McDormand wears the clothes; they don’t wear her.

According to an accompanying article by Abby Aguirre, it was actually McDormand’s 26-year-old son, Pedro McDormand Coen, who suggested his mom wear Fear of God for her Vogue cover. Apparently, shopping is their sport. (They used to go on mother-son outings to Century 21.) When asked what he thought of McDormand Coen’s choice, fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo told the magazine: “I’m speechless. I can’t think of anyone more gangster than her.”

Vogue has been on a roll lately with its covers. Curious to see what the other three will look like when they’re revealed later this month.

More of This, Please