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A Gumball Candy Necklace

But make it luxury.

Photo: Devin Blaskovich
Photo: Devin Blaskovich

Just the thought of a candy necklace brings back so many visceral memories: the snap of each round bead as you crunch it between your teeth; the thin string, made soggy after minutes of gnawing; the stickiness of your neck after it’s gone. Of course, none of this applies to Irene Neuwirth’s Gumball necklace. Although it was inspired by the childhood accessory. Made of bright turquoise beads with an 18-karat gold clasp, this version is a very luxurious form of nostalgia with a very grown-up price tag. It’s part of the brand’s beaded candy collection, which means that if turquoise isn’t your flavor, there are plenty of others to choose from.

A Candy Necklace, But Make it Luxury