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43 Gifts for the Discerning Fashion Person

Photo-Illustration: Retailers

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What do you get the person in your life who gets up at 5 a.m. to catch the latest Prada show streaming live? You know the type: They’ll preorder the newest Bottega Veneta clutch, obsess over the latest designer news, and sock away money for the perfect vintage Rolex. In their honor, we’re pleased to present the Cut’s annual fashion-person gift guide, packed full of the most luxurious, over-the-top items from major brands. Even if you’re just browsing, it’s great eye candy. Scroll on for 43 of the season’s best fancy things.

A Super-Luxe Bathrobe

Photo: Retailer

Wear this Versace bathrobe while daydreaming about your next trip to Miami.

The Most Indulgent Outerwear

Photo: Retailer

Three words: Teddy. Bear. Coat.

Cheeky Pajamas

Christopher Kane’s More Joy pajamas aren’t shy about demanding a better night in bed. Pair with a matching Sex sleep mask.

The Most Fun Shoes

Photo: Retailer

Party shoes for post-vaccine times.

A Hat in a Classic Print

Photo: Retailer

You can’t go wrong with Burberry check.

An Iconic Bracelet

Elsa Peretti’s elegant design celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and it’s still just as covetable.

The Gucci Lipstick Dakota Johnson Wore to the Met Gala

A Cute Bag With an Edge

Cards for the Aspiring Magician

You can blame them for why your savings account went poof!

Boots for the Native New Yorker

Extra-Sparkly Lipstick

A Sweet, Ladylike Bag

A mini-bag that isn’t too cutesy from Harry Styles’s favorite brand.

Upgraded Hoops

Photo: Retailer

Who can say no to delicate diamond hoop earrings?

Everyday Boots

The snakeskin makes these feel a little more special, even if you’re just wearing them to run errands.

The Opposite of Sweatpants

Shiny pink jeans with a dramatic zipper and a waistband that’s decidedly not elastic.

Pajamas You Can Wear All Day

These silky pink ones would look especially good with a Champagne coupe in hand.

A Ring That Will Look Good Forever

Photo: Retailer

They’ll wear this delicate ring every day, mixed in with their other heirloom finds.

Lipstick With a Blackpink Bias

A Cashmere Shawl

Photo: Retailer

Perfect for the world traveler.

A Slinky Pencil Skirt

Photo: Retailer

This latex skirt will take a little effort to get into, but it’s so sexy that it’s worth it.

The Ultimate Hair Styler

Photo: Retailer

This wildly popular styling tool is back in stock … for now.

A Bubblegum-Pink Bag

Photo: Retailer

For the Cher Horowitz in your life.

Sexy, Moody Candlesticks

Photo: Retailer

For displaying your favorite freaky candles.

A Multi-Shade Eye-Shadow Kit

Photo: Retailer

So you can create a really dramatic beauty look even when you’re masked.

A Sharp Blazer

Photo: Retailer

Made with the brand’s Re-Nylon gabardine, which is a nylon fabric that uses plastic trash from the ocean, this pleated jacket is the type of piece that’ll make jeans look special.

The Most Sophisticated Hand Cream

A chic black egg-shaped container full of lotion.

A Print-Print Jacket

Photo: Retailer

For the person who became a news junkie in 2020.

A Collection of Scents

Photo: Retailer

If you covet Nicole Kidman’s lifestyle on The Undoing (minus the drama).

For the Owner of a Bushwick Birkin

Photo: Retailer

Boots to match!

Socks from an Up-and-Comer

Photo: Retailer

Dedicated fashion fans know Marine Serre is the next big thing.

An Expensive Flex

Photo: Retailer

Logo-mania, but make it tasteful.

Night-Owl Perfume

Photo: Retailer

Because we all know someone who considers 11 p.m. to be early.

A Relaxed Shirtdress

Photo: Retailer

For the creative type with impeccable taste.

Luxurious Velvet Slippers

Photo: Retailer

Wear these Olsen-approved slippers at home or when you’re out getting a jumbo coffee.

A Balm That Feels Like Butter

Photo: Retailer

Buy it for someone with an elaborate nighttime skin-care routine.

A Limited-Edition Andy Warhol Perfume

For the person who never got over the ’70s.

A ‘Your Lips But Better’ Tint

Photo: Retailer

In a pretty, subtle shade of pink.

The Fanciest Soft Pants

There’s nothing more luxurious than a pair of Louis Vuitton sweats.

Truly Indulgent Deodorant

Photo: Retailer

Cashmere for your armpits!

A Classic Power Accessory

Nothing says “I’m in charge” more than a classic Rolex watch.

If Their Favorite Hair Colorist Is in Paris

Photo: Retailer

The next best thing is this cult-favorite hair mask from Leonor Greyl.

High-End Jewelry With an Edge

A spiky sophisticated bracelet that has just enough bite for them.

For Anyone Who Loved the Clothes in The Queen’s Gambit

Miu Miu made a capsule collection of reimagined vintage dresses that are one-off pieces. This swingy number is exactly what Beth would wear for a glamorous night out.

Upcycled by Miu Miu, 1960s ivory cocktail dress, one of a kind, $8,400 at Miu Miu, 57th Street.

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