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This Minty Cleanser Wakes Up My Face

Photo: Retailer

One of the weirdest and best feelings on earth is eating something super minty and then feeling like you can breathe ice. For a brief moment, your breath is as frosty and fresh as the first floor at Cartier. You are, in order of declining coolness: the living embodiment of the first, crisp hit of a mint Juul; the female version of Mr. Freeze; Princess Elsa. Then the feeling disappears, and you need another mint all over again (anyone on Reddit’s Mint Addicts board can relate).

I’ve been craving hits of Renee Rouleau’s Mint Renewal Cleanser. It feel and smells like IceBreaker Mint liquified (with the addition of gentle, exfoliating jojoba beads). But there are actual skin-care benefits, too. Renee Rouleau is a celebrity facialist and the unofficial acne therapist for the Riverdale cast, and she created the product to invigorate yet soften your skin at the same time. The formula’s jojoba beads are scrubby but gentle enough to get into your skin’s little nooks and crannies. It also contains the gentle exfoliator lactic acid along with panthenol, a known humectant. Peppermint oil increases circulation and encourages skin brightness — essentially turning your skin into a morning person. I love how smooth, comfortable, and awake my skin feels after using this.

Everyone knows that water tastes colder after you eat a mint. Why does my tap water suddenly taste like I’m drinking it straight from an Evian glacier after eating a Wintergreen lifesaver? (It’s because of the confusion of TRPM8, a cold receptor). Spreading this over my face lets me chase that same same invigorating feeling, but with the benefit of super soft, lit-up skin.

This Minty Cleanser Wakes Up My Face