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Turn Your Security Blanket Into a Coat

Photo: Christina Stoever

Memories of daily life as a toddler can be hazy, but the comfort of your childhood bedroom sticks in your memory forever. I, for instance, was a chic and precocious child who snuggled under Mondrian-inspired bedding every night. And now, as a young adult grasping for soothing remnants of my carefree youth, I think the comforter would make a great puffer coat.

The idea is possible thanks to the Series, a genderless brand based in New York committed to working with found materials, which has a “Supply Your Own” puffer program. It works like this: Dig out your childhood sleeping bag (or simply any cool vintage comforter), send it in to them, and receive your custom puffer in three to four weeks. We all could use some comfort these days, so the brand is making it possible to wear your security blanket out in the world.

Ella Wiznia, founder of the Series, got the idea after coming across a sleeping bag she had as a child at a thrift store — a moment that made her deeply happy. “My days of sleepovers are largely behind me, and I wasn’t ready to redecorate my room around a ’90s cartoon. But I wanted to find a way to bring it back into my life,” she told the Cut. “That’s when the idea for making it into a puffer jacket came to me. I love to be able to wrap myself in a cozy remnant of nostalgia and wanted to make that possible for others, too.”

Even if you don’t have anything to supply, the brand has coats made from Sesame Street-, Barbie-, and Yu-Gi-Oh!-printed comforters that’ll remind you of simpler times. And as someone who admittedly still sleeps with their childhood blanket every single night (yes, it is in tatters), you can never have too much nostalgia.

Turn Your Security Blanket Into a Coat