Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 21

Dolly Parton, a Capricorn. Photo: Photo Illustration by Preeti Kinha/ Photos: Getty

This week, the sun and Mercury will both enter wise, resolute Capricorn — first Mercury, on Sunday night, and then the sun on Monday, marking the start of Capricorn season. We’ll find ourselves moving away from Sagittarian restlessness, and into a way of being that’s focused, goal-oriented, and resourceful.

Monday also brings the week’s main astrological event: a great conjunction in rebellious, idealistic Aquarius. During a great conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn appear to meet in the sky. It’s an astrological event that happens roughly once every twenty years, but this will be the closest conjunction in centuries. On top of that, the last time a great conjunction took place in Aquarius was over 600 years ago.

When Jupiter — the planet of luck and expansion — and Saturn — the planet of fear and restriction — meet, they combine and amplify the best parts of each other. We’ll be able to support our visionary optimism with earthly practicality; new structures, new ways of living, and new ways of dreaming will become possible. With this conjunction, we’ll be able to find a way to tear down structures of cruelty and violence, and to build a new world in their place.

Weekly Horoscope Aries

Aries Weekly Horoscope

You’re so good with beginnings, at approaching new opportunities with courage and energy and a spirit of adventure. This week, new beginnings are happening, but they might look different than you expect. You won’t get a fresh, blank slate; you won’t get to erase all the darkness of this past year, or pretend it all never happened. But you can begin to shake off its power over you. You can begin to see a way out. This week, you can hold onto your grief, your sad and hard-won wisdom, and you can have your bright new beginning, too.

Weekly Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

One of the best things about you is the way you see straight to what really matters; your vision cuts through the fake and the flashy. You aren’t deceived by false exteriors, and you can discern the solid truth underneath. When you love the world, you love it with clarity, with integrity. But this is a good week for looking beyond the world as it exists now, for opening your heart to the world as it will be someday. It’s a good time for dreaming, so give yourself permission to dream.

Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Even as you’ve lived through horrible things this year, even as you’ve borne witness to cruelty and suffering, there’s still been this sense of unreality that’s pervaded everything. There’s been a sense that nothing makes sense; that nothing is happening as it should; that this can’t be the real world, your real life, the real you. It’s all so hard to process. This week, finally, you might feel a shift. It’s not that everything is returning to some sort of stable reality — it’s been real all along — only that the world is speaking to you in a language you understand again.

Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

When you think about everything that’s happened this year, it can be hard not to lose yourself in resentment. When you think about how you’ve been treated, it can be hard not to dwell on all the kindness and comfort you deserved but were never given. If it’s felt, recently, like you’ve sunk too deep into your justifiable fury, this week you can come back up for air. All those good things you deserved and didn’t get — you can still fight for them, or you can build them, you can make a better world real.

Weekly Horoscope Leo

Leo Weekly Horoscope

It’s important to remind yourself that major change isn’t always visible at first. It’s important to remember that big change often begins quietly, beneath the surface. It’s hard to reconcile this with your desire for brightness and drama and color, for a magic too obvious to be ignored. Without any clear, undeniable signs, it’s easy to assume that nothing much is going on. But this week, the change you’re longing for is happening. Maybe more slowly and subtly than you’d like, but it’s happening all the same.

Weekly Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

When the world is so chaotic and strange, there’s comfort in losing yourself in your work. There’s comfort in doing your job and doing it well, in creating small pockets of clarity where you can. This week, you can keep all that hard-won clarity. But you can also regain the sense that you’re not just doing labor for its own sake. You can regain the sense that you’re working for something, toward something, too. You can know it and feel it: All your hard work is leading up to something good.

Weekly Horoscope Libra

Libra Weekly Horoscope

It’s been hard to remember who you are over these past months, away from the company of others. It’s hard to remember how much you have to offer when you’re separated from the people you can offer it to. This week, even if your external circumstances don’t change, you’ll be able to reach some inner clarity. Scattered pieces might start to fit back together, and hazy feelings might come into focus. Everything that’s been swirling, rootless, around your mind, can finally click into place. You’ll be able to remember who you are, and who you want to be.

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

It can feel dangerous, sometimes, to display your confidence too publicly. Letting your boldness show can lead to major missteps, or to being publicly called out. And though it’s always useful to avoid blind overconfidence, this is a week to remember that you don’t have to keep your best self a secret, either. You don’t have to hide all your confidence, all your boldness, all your victories. Conviction will take you a long way in this world, even if you make some mistakes along the way.

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

You can’t be anything more than the person you are. This isn’t to say that you can never grow or change — because you can and you do, all the time. It just means everyone has their own limits. But there’s freedom in recognizing them — in doing so, you can stop striving to become a person you don’t have to be. You can stop trying to perform miracles that aren’t within your powers to perform. A new world is coming, but it’s not your job to bring the whole thing into existence. You only have to do what you can do.

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

This week, it’s important to take a moment, to let yourself process just how much you’ve been through. It’s really something of a miracle to have made it this far with your heart still intact, with your joy, your defiance, and your sweetness still strong. There’s plenty to mourn, plenty that you should never have had to live through. But you did, and you’re still here, and that’s worth celebrating. The world needs you so much.

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

This has been a year of constant, churning change; you’ve never really had the chance to let the dust settle, to adapt, to take stock of where you are. The shockwaves haven’t stopped coming, over and over. This week, though the change is far from over, something about the tone of it all has shifted. There’s hope here, there’s promise, there’s room to breathe. This is the kind of change you can work with, the kind you can move through, the kind you can draw strength from.

Weekly Horoscope Pisces

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

After all that’s happened this year, it may feel like you have almost no hope left. Now that your daily life has been whittled down into practically nothing, you might almost feel like you have no space and no time for dreaming anymore. But this week, all your big, expansive dreams can come flowing back to you. This week, it’s possible to hope and imagine again, to take everything you’ve learned and everything you’ve witnessed this year and turn it, in spite of everything, into magic.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 21