@ArmasUpdates Weighs In on the BenAna Split

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Last week, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas unexpectedly broke up. The troubled actor and the Cuban actress were together for nearly a year, spurring engagement rumors and becoming the most-talked-about couple of 2020 thanks to their frequent doughnut runs and staged paparazzi strolls.

Given the shocking news, I decided to speak to someone who may have some insight or at least be able to speculate on what’s next for the duo. I’m talking, of course, about the mind behind the ever-scintillating Ana de Armas Updates, the infamous stan account that devotedly follows the star’s every move.

@ArmasUpdates is as notorious for its praise of de Armas as it is for its witty criticism — criticism that got it blocked by the actress in April of last year. Still, the account has remained a staunch advocate for her work and a resource for exclusive tips. Here’s what we learned about the new developments.

How did you feel when you heard Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck had broken up? 

Shocked, to be honest, although I suspect the breakup occurred right before Ana went back to Cuba for the holidays in December 2020. Still, they seemed to be going for the long term once she was introduced to Ben’s kids and reportedly moved in with him.

What do you think led to the breakup?

I think the age difference, to a certain extent. They are in different places — Ana wants to create, while Ben wants to rehabilitate. Most likely there was a discussion about their future, and they decided that it was best to take a break or break up.

I also know Ana has been wanting to spend more time in Cuba since she has a house and family and friends there — she’s not the biggest fan of L.A. That could be another factor: possible long-distance issues.

What will you miss most about BenAna?

The spotlight nature of the relationship. They were literally the defining celebrity couple of 2020. They played into it, and it was fun to observe. It’s unfortunate it didn’t work out, because I liked them together and they made each other happy.

How do you feel the breakup will affect Ana’s celebrity?

Ana is about to enter into a new phase of her career, and perhaps she didn’t need the baggage that Ben brings. Her star will only continue to rise. That was always going to happen before BenAna, and obviously it will after.

What is your favorite BenAna moment?

When Ana bought Ben a custom motorcycle with matching helmets for his birthday and then took it for a ride — that was very cute. Also, the moment they got locked out of their residence and Ben jumped over the fence to save the day was pure gold.

How do you think things will go on the press tour for Deep Water, the upcoming erotic thriller in which they play romantic leads?

This breakup is apparently amicable, and I believe that, since Ben has been amicable with his exes: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Garner, all people he has worked with.

Also, the film will be released (so far as we know) in August, so that might allow enough time to pass for them to get over that weird phase.

Maybe they will do separate photo shoots and interviews to accommodate any possible tension. I know the studio is pushing for a theatrical release for the film, so if things are shaky between them, they will have to fake it until they make it during a full-blown press tour.

What do you think will happen to the dog they share?

Salsa is solely Ana’s dog. The dog has Cuban heritage like her. She will keep it.

Regarding that cardboard cutout of Ana being thrown into the trash outside Ben’s house. Do you think that was a staged photo?

It’s suspect to me that the same day representatives from both Ben’s and Ana’s camps confirmed the breakup to the press, the cardboard cutout was publicly thrown away.

That could not have been pure coincidence. Speculation that it was Ben’s brother, Casey, throwing the cutout away makes this even more complicated, but I will stand by that because it really did look like him, although it has not been confirmed.

What do you think is up next for Ana? Will she spend some time being single? If not, whom do you think she might date in the future? 

Ana has a lot on coming up. There’s the James Bond flick, the Marilyn Monroe biopic, and Deep Water with Ben. She is also set to start production on The Gray Man alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans for Netflix. There’s a perfume and fashion campaign on the way, too.

She is booked and busy. She might be too busy for love. If she finds love, though, @ArmasUpdates will be the first to say something about it 😉.

@ArmasUpdates Weighs In on the BenAna Split