Oh Thank Goodness, Warm Ankles Are Back

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

There are many, many trends from my suburban high school that I have never missed (chief among them puffer vests and hair tinsel), but socks over leggings is one I could have held onto. Back then, it was a way to ensure your Juicy Couture stockings would be noticed, but I do wonder — as I consider my cold, pink ankles — if there was more to it than that.

I’m thinking about this because of my cold, pink ankles but also because the wearing of ankle-length stockings over leggings (and usually under sneakers) is re-emerging as a rather trendy styling trick. Consider Bella Hadid, pumping gas with mid-calf Ralph Lauren socks over leggings and Emrata running errands with an indigo pair over hers. Kaia Gerber has been doing this since February, while influencers — of the fashion, fit, and mommy variety — seemed to have embraced the look this winter:

Now, it is showing up in the wild. A colleague of mine who lives in Cobble Hill reports that socks over leggings are being sported by many a trendy mom in her neighborhood, so I carried out my own investigation at the 57th street Whole Foods in Manhattan. There, over the course of 15 minutes, I spotted four athleisure-clad women — most of whom seemed to be in their 20s and none of whom seemed to be leaving or headed toward exercise — wearing thick black ankle socks over their expensive running tights.

Like the compression-shorts trend, it seems like an athleisure-styling trick for the chic errand runner, and, frankly, if my poor little ankles can be warm again while also making me look cool, I’m ready to go all in.

Oh, Thank Goodness, Warm Ankles Are Back